05 February, 2006

Oprah The Heat Is On

Seems nothing is going right for Oprah of late. Oprah who is well known for her philanthropic gestures may have gone too far in trusting a woman whom she took off the streets and tried to help. Not only did the young lady in question not recover, despite Oprah paying all costs at a drug rehabilitation centre, she trashed one of Oprah's homes and then stole Oprah's private journal. Poor Oprah is now desperate to get the journal back all one can say is good luck girl!

But Oprah's woes don't end there, in a stroke of lying luck, Oprah showcased the book 'A Million Little Pieces' written by James Frey, perhaps he should have re-titled it, ' A Million Lying Pieces'. Though at the time Oprah had no idea that James Frey's book was little more than a case of 'faction', she did include it in her 'Oprah Book Club' which sent the sales of the book soaring.

So it is no surprise that upon discovering the lie, Oprah was one very unhappy lady. She invited the hapless James Frey back to her show in order to explain to all his duplicity in lying to millions in order to make millions. What can one say the guy is a charlatan; he has made his money as Oprah pans his butt!

Oprah though is one tough lady and she will overcome the adversities she now faces. As for her missing journal, some of us out here do have scruples; if it is published I for one will not be buying it or buying into yet another lie!

To read the book ' A Million Little Pieces' by James Frey, simply place it on one of the search engines. Good reading!


Princess Diana-Murder or Accident?

There has been speculation in these past few weeks, that the father of Dodi, Mohammad al Fayed is not the nutter that many presumed and that there may actually be some substance to his long held belief that the British Secret Service had a hand in the death of Princess Diana and Dodi.

It is now fact that Paul Henri the driver of the car, was in the pay of MI6, not only because of his sons romance with Diana but because of Mr. Fayed's corruption in bribing certain British politicians. This is one of the reasons that Mohammad al Fayed is not well liked within the British establishment, in that he was the catalyst that led to the defeat of the Torie Party and in Labor finally gaining power in England!

Mr Fayed has alleged for many years now that he believes that Prince Philip himself is personally involved in the death of his son and the beautiful Princess. That it was Prince Philip who could not countenance an involvement between the mother of the future King and a Muslim, therefore in Mohammad’s al Fayed's opinion it is Prince Philip who ordered the death of Dodi and his former daughter in law the late Princess Diana.

It is indeed strange that Princess Diana stayed in the ambulance for an hour or more before finally being transported to a hospital. It is also very weird that the ambulance drove past several hospitals before arriving at Paris' Pitie Salpetriere hospital. And once the Princess was declared dead, after the doctors had tried their best to save her life, it defies logic as to why they immediately embalmed the body of the dead Princess. Because of this action it is now impossible for any forensic scientist to re-examine her body, yet it is British law that if a citizen dies overseas that the body will be examined by the coroner upon returning to Britain.

There are many things with the death of the Princess that one cannot explain, many discrepancies and a major cover up. For in the tunnel where the accident occurred, why was the video turned around to face the wall, therefore making it impossible to view what really happened in the tunnel of death.

So many questions let's hope one day we will all know the answer.

For those who don't want to wait check out the books on the death of the Princess of Wales.

The Day Diana Died by Christopher Anderson

The Bodygard's Story by Trevor Rees-Jones

The Murder of Princess Diana by Noel Botham


20 January, 2006

Royals Out and About

As the Danish Royal family ready themselves for the Baptism of the new Royal grandson, there is speculation whether Crown Princess Mary will want to follow tradition and name her son Prince Christian. As her husband is Crown Prince Frederik tradition stipulates that the next heir to the throne should be named Christian. We shall have to wait and see.

Both Prince Frederik and Mary look like marriage suits them as Mary has the new mother glow to her features and Frederik is beaming as a proud father should. Let's hope for this Royal couple their marriage will be blessed with more children and that they can persevere through any difficulties.

I do applaud the Norwegian Royal family for the loving acceptance of Crown Princess Mette Marit, both Prince Haakon and Mette seem so happy as they escorted their daughter, Princess Ingrid to school. Let's hope that this marriage too will last the distance.

It was also very heartwarming to see the lovely Princess Masako take to the Royal balcony. It has been a well known fact that Masako has been suffering from severe depression for quite some time, which deeply concerned her husband. It is time for the Japanese Royal family to join the twenty first century rather than try and live their lives as if they were stuck in the medieval ages! Keep strong Princess Masako!


12 January, 2006

Sarah-Surviving the Odds

Prince Philip may loathe her, the Queen may tolerate her, but there is no denying that Sarah, Duchess of York is a survivor!

Love or loathe the Duchess one can only admire her tenacity at pulling herself up by her Manolo Blahnik boot straps. Her former husband, the Duke of York still seems to be enthralled by his ex-wife so much so that no new wife ever seems to be on the horizon.

Though the Duchess made some catastrophic mistakes in her Royal life, she was able to rise above the tabloid frenzy and ventured forth to far horizons namely, America!

But Sarah never let despair destroy her even when the odds seemed stacked against her this Royal renegade never admitted defeat, she truly has lived her motto, 'through adversity comes happiness'.

In her memoirs the Duchess exposes her past and her many mistakes, but one can forgive someone who lives their life with the need to explain all her foibles to anyone who will listen. But the mistakes the Duchess made were not totally her fault. For instance the pics for a famous magazine was not her idea, but was the brain child of her former husband Prince Andrew, this though was never explained as the Duchess took the fire for it. The same goes for her overseas tour of Australia and her leaving Princess Beatrice behind, this was also a decision made by her former husband!

Then there was her friendship with Princess Diana, who let her down badly. Sarah out of the both of them was the more loyal friend, unfortunately Princess Diana could be ruthless when protecting her own territory. So it came as a shock to the Duchess when both she and the Princess conspired to leave their husbands at the same time. Unfortunately for Sarah, her friend Diana failed to fulfil her part of the bargain at the time and so it was 'the Knives are out for Fergie'!

Unfortunately for Sarah this was one headline that was true, and I am sure that the frail Duchess removed each knife before falling into a medicated sleep, as stress tore at her mental and emotional fragility. But Sarah once again trusted the wrong people as she embraced one 'new age guru' after another, all of whom blabbed to the press!

Despite the hurtful headlines the 'Duchess of Pork' the 'Duchess of Do-little' Sarah rose above the odds of the many that had discarded her as irrelevant, and made a name for herself and a successful career. So Go Sarah Go!

But one thing, Sarah, The Duchess of York will never re-marry, as it would mean giving up her title and becoming plain Mrs Sarah ordinary citizen!

Keep sipping that champagne Sarah as you throw darts at an image of the Duke of Edinburgh, one day you will hit the bull’s eye!


06 January, 2006

Royal Baby Boom

Seems the year just ended was an extravaganza of the Royal baby boomers, many of the Royal houses of Europe are enjoying the new arrivals in their families.

Princess Maxima of Holland gave birth to her second daughter in June, now Princess Alexia will join her Sister Princess Catharina, both Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima are overjoyed, with their lovely family.

Princess Mary of Denmark and her husband Crown Prince Frederick are also overjoyed with the birth of their baby son, who is yet unnamed. Both parents have said they intend to be 'hands on parents' and though they have hired a nanny it is merely to supervise their child while they undergo their royal duties.

It is also a breath of fresh air that Princess Mette Marit, who was a single mother before marrying Crown Prince Haakon, has added a new addition to their growing family. The couple looks truly devoted to each other as Mette is accepted by the family without censure. Let's hope that all goes well for this royal couple.

The Spanish Royals have also been busy with both Infanta Elena and Infanta Christina are both mothers and now Princess Letizia has given birth to her and Crown Prince Felipes baby daughter who they have named Princess Leonor. Princess Letizia is truly a beautiful woman but let us hope that she does not fall prey to the insecurities of the late Princess Diana, as Princess Letizia had lost a great deal of weight in the run up to her wedding to Prince Felipe.

As for the British Royal family there was speculation that the Countess of Wessex was once again pregnant with her and Edwards’s second child but this was denied by Buckingham Palace. There have been very few photos of Lady Louise Mountbatten Windsor, which is a shame unless of course both the Earl and Countess wish a more private life for their royal offspring.


Baldwin VS Basinger Let the War End

Seems the war between the two 'B's' has reignited once again and is being played out not only in the court rooms but also the scandal sheets.

C'mon you two what's more important the happiness and wellbeing of your daughter Ireland, or your ego's? Once the dust has settled and Ireland grows up to independence she will despise you both in that the hate shared between the parents, Alec and Kim was stronger than their love for her!

Noone said divorce was easy, but it's not supposed to be torturous either, the big loser in the battle of the 'B's' is Ireland. Both parents should be ashamed that they have allowed their vitriol to spill out to the detriment of their daughter!

You're both lucky I am not the presiding judge, for if it were my decision I would deny custody to both parents and place Ireland with a couple who are able to love her more than they love themselves!

Alec and Kim--GROW UP!


03 January, 2006

Royal Fashion at Christmas

Now that the Christmas season is over, let's take a look at what the ladies wore.

I have to say that the Queen has spruced up her fashion sense lately and looked quite stylish, the smokey peach colour suited her.

The Duchess of Cornwall looked good in powder blue but I am not to sure about the big hats, what's the deal with all these big hats lately?

The Countess of Wessex looked fine dressed in pink, but what is she planning to do with her hair? It is way too fine to leave it long. Sophie have it cut!

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie both looked good though a little shy at the attention, but I have to say what on earth did Princess Beatrice have on her head a chamber pot?

I didn't include the men they all wore suits zzzz!


02 January, 2006

Predictions for Royals and Celebs 2006

The controversial movie 'Brokeback Mountain' will bomb at the box office but gather a plethora of Oscar Nominations.

Russel Crowe will once again be nominated at the Oscars for his fine performance in 'Cinderella Man' (silly name for a movie), as he isnt American and already has one Oscar he wont win, though he deserves it!

Jennifer Aniston will not marry Vince Vaughn, they will go their seperate ways in 2006 but remain friends.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will marry but it wont last, stay tuned for the divorce!

Oprah and Gayle will come out of the closet and confess they both wear Chanel!

Joan Rivers will have one more face lift Woah! Skeery thought anymore face lifts and she will start talkin from the back of her head!

Paris Hilton will make a profound comment, then take to her bed with a migraine!

O J Simpson finally admits his guilt...ok thats not a prediction that would be a MIRACLE!

Sarah, Duchess of York will not marry this year or any other year as it would mean becoming an ordinary 'Mrs'!

Zara Philips will win a place in the Olympics.

Prince Harry will want to marry Chelsy Davis, but Prince Charles will oppose it!

Prince William and Kate Middleton will not marry this year, but William will make a private commitment for their future.

Camilla will not divorce Prince Charles.

Prince Charles will not divorce Camilla.

All psychics will admit they are lying..OK that would take another miracle! Where were they when Princess Diana was in Paris!?!

Bjork will give up her singing career...OK we can only HOPE!

John Kerry will finally make a decision before he changes his mind.

Hillary Clinton will also come out of the closet and admit she wears the trousers and shaves her moustache!

Do not believe predictions the majority do not come true and its only guess work anyway!

Jewel44 will lose her job as a psychic and predictor of future events!

The End


31 December, 2005

Sophies Choice

The introduction of Sophie Rhys Jones into the rather claustrophobic world of the Royal family may be the fresh air they need.

Sophie seems to have the common sense lacking in the previous Duchess of York and is not consumed by the vulnerabilities of the late Princess of Wales.

She also seems to have struck just the right chord with her rather austere mother in Law her Majesty the Queen, and also won the admiration of her caustic Father in Law the Duke of Edinburgh, quite an achievement for the girl from Brenchley.

One also has to admire Sophie's courage in her longing for a family even if it puts her own health at risk, which was the case with two of her pregnancies. One pregnancy unfortunately for both Sophie and Edward was an ecoptic pregnancy and the other nearly cost Sophie her life! Though all ended well with the birth of their beloved daughter, Lady Louise Mountbatten Windsor.

It seems out of the three Windsor men, it is Edward's marriage that may succeed where both Charles and Andrew failed. This is due to Sophie’s common sense factor and her willingness to embrace the Royal lifestyle without needing to be the centre of attention.

The Countess of Wessex is also not overly concerned with her image, though she dresses well, she also will not allow herself to be a slave to fashion. Sophie also hasn’t fallen into the 'perfect figure syndrome' that helped make both the Duchess of York and the Princess of Wales, so unhappy and open to neurosis.

Sophie seems to have the confidence that her former sister in laws lacked and that is probably due to her husbands love and acceptance of her as a unique woman who is essential to his happiness. Prince Edward may have learned some valuable lessons from his brother’s disastrous marriages and that of his sister Anne, in that he supports Sophie in all she does and the same goes for Sophie who supports Edward in his enterprises.

They seem to be a couple who are happy in their domestic arrangements and their daughter is the centre of their lives as they live out the domestic bliss that Charles and Andrew missed out on.

Unlike the failed marriage of Charles, Andrew and Anne, it seems Sophie and Edward are traveling the same path, and in the right direction.

Let us hope that all continues to go well for the future life of Their Royal Highnesses The Count and Countess of Wessex.